Best fig recipes to celebrate the season

Sink your teeth into these fresh fig recipes.

Fig, pomegranate and burrata with Sherry vinaigrette; Photo: Con Poulos
Every year, we can't wait to dig into these plump purple fruits when fig season rolls around. Have too many ripe figs? A fig preserves recipe always saves the day.
Plus, we have savoury recipes for figs, too. From draping figs with thin slices of jamón or prosciutto for a summery salad dish to figs paired with cheese, pork or spice-roasted duck in cooler weather.
But figs really shine as an ingredient in desserts, including Italian-style raspberry and fig pies, homemade fig jam and ricotta torta and fig and goat's cheese cheesecake.
Here are our best fig recipes to bake and make this season.