Fillo pastry recipes

Flaky layers filled with spiced meats or sweet treats, fillo pastry delivers taste and texture to any meal.

Fillo pastry is a stand out of any chef's inventory. Its papery, leaf-like quality differentiates itself from shortcrust and puff pastry by providing a vast array of dishes with that melt-in-your-mouth, flaky texture. Try your hand at making your own fillo which can then be transformed into savoury pies and tarts or sweet, layered desserts.
Fillo's versatility is championed in Greek cuisine. Layer the pastry with feta and spinach for a traditional spanakopita or try the Kefalonian combination of lamb, herbs and red wine. Elsewhere, the pairing of honey and pistachio in baklava is a delight for any sweet tooth while a single bite of heart-warming apple strudel transports you straight to Austria. Scroll through our fillo recipes for inspiration for your next occasion or even tonight's dinner.