Fillo pastry recipes of the sweet and savoury kind

Fold and roll your way through these flaky creations.

Paula Wolfert's "the snake" (m'hanncha)
Delicate, flaky and buttery, a good fillo-pastry creation is hard to beat. Adventurous cooks can try their hand at making their own fillo pastry from scratch; for the rest of us, a top-shelf store-bought variety does the trick for these savoury pies and layered desserts.
Layer fillo with feta and spinach for a traditional Greek spanakopita, or try the Kefalonian combination of lamb, herbs and red wine. The baklava is a honey-soaked dream-haze of nutty, flaky goodness; while one bite of the apple strudel has the magic ability to transport you to Austria. Sweet or savoury, fillo pastry has you covered.