Fish curry recipes to scale up your comfort cooking

You'll fall for these recipes hook, line and sinker.

Sri Lankan fish curry
Thailand's chicken green curry is practically be an Australian staple. But when the temperature drops, it makes sense to make the most of our top-shelf seafood produce and cook up a warming fish curry. If you need a quick-as-a-flash recipe, the Sri Lankan fish curry or the yellow snapper curry are ready in a snap. But when time is on your side, try your hand at Sunda's fish curry with cucumber salad and coriander chutney – the ingredients list clocks in at a whopping 40 items. For a curry that's all sharpness and zing, Palisa Anderson's sour orange fish curry will have you coming back for more; and for a Sydney restaurant classic, it's got to be Flying Fish's fish curry with coconut sambal.