Rice is nice: our favourite fried rice recipes

Comfort food that makes the most of leftover ingredients, or is a special, sophisticated dish in its own right.

The best fried rice recipes make use of whatever's left in your fridge – some cold, cooked rice is a good start, as is whatever meat, seafood or vegetables you have kicking around. According to Flower Drum's excecutive chef Anthony Lui, the secret to his Yangzhou fried rice is 'wok hei'; the smoky aroma that's a hallmark of Chinese cooking.
Don't miss the two fried rice recipes by Kylie Kwong, or the luxurious versions with spanner crab by Lee Ho Fook and Andrew McConnell. There's a Cambodian-style fried rice by one-time pop-up restaurant Kingdom of Rice, a Thai fried rice with pork sausages (khao pad naem), nasi goreng (Indonesian fried rice) with snake bean relish, and a Macanese (Chinese-Portuguese) version with salted cod.