Cool down with these frozen desserts

Just because it's hot outside, it doesn't mean your sweet tooth has disappeared. You need dessert, and you need it ice-cold. Look no further.

Step away from the oven. It's hot out, but the sweet cravings are strong. The solution? Frozen desserts. Make the freezer your friend with these ice-cold treats. We have fruity sorbets and granitas, creamy semifreddos and gelati, and of course, lots of ice-cream.
If you've been to Sydney's Restaurant Hubert, you might recognise the delightful melon en surprise; while those looking for a more nostalgic trip should really try the frozen Wizz Fizz cake, or the jellies made with Passiona. No ice-cream machine? No problem. Let Curtis Stone show you the way with his no-churn strawberry and créme fraîche ice-cream.