Chefs' best Italian recipes

Who better to turn to for top-notch Italian food than the people who cook it for a living?

Some of our favourite chefs from around the country (and one from Rome) have rummaged through their scrapbooks, and handed over their favourite Italian recipes. Because who better to turn to for reliable and delicious Italian recipes than the people who cook it for a living?
Guy Grossi gets fishy with his recipes for sarde in saor (soused sardines) and kingfish crudo, Stefano Manfredi shares how to make a comforting rice and bean minestrone, and Armando Perucoco (the founder of Buon Ricordo) has his dramatic timballo Napoletano.
Andreas Papadakis shows how it's done with pastas from Tipo 00 and stuffed zucchini flowers from Osteria Ilaria, while Jemma Whiteman and Mike Eggert of Pinbone freshen up with two bruschetta recipes. Plus, trailblazer Sarah Cicolini of Santo Palato, the celebrated trattoria in Rome, shares two delicious pasta recipes.