Our favourite kimchi recipes

It's indisputable. The Korean fermented cabbage is delicious, and adds instant flavour to a whole host of dishes.

Is kimchi the world's greatest condiment? It's contentious, but one fact is indisputable – kimchi is delicious. The fermented cabbage is a signature dish from Korean cuisine, and can be eaten as is, as a side pickle, or incorporated into dumplings, savoury pancakes, noodle stir-fries and soups.
Don't miss David Chang's kimchi masterclass, where he takes us through the fermenting cabbage process, step-by-step; while Eun Hee An and Ben Sears of Sydney's Paper Bird (and the now-closed Moon Park) share their recipe cucumber kimchi. Kimchi doesn't need to stick to strictly Korean recipes, either. Try Restaurant Hubert's kimchi gratin, the bulgogi pork tacos, and Acme's play on pasta all'Amatriciana, featuring kimchi.