Transeasonal pesto recipes for this awkward winter-spring changeover

Your core temperature may be in flux, but at least you'll be well fed.

Linguine with walnut-parsley pesto
When it's too warm for winter food but too cool for breezy summer dishes, it's time to pull out these pesto recipes. You may know Liguria's rustic sauce in its classic basil-and-pine-nut form – stirred through linguine, it makes for a quick and easy dinner. We've riffed on the traditional recipe, capitalising on ingredients that herald the end of winter, and the coming of the warmer months: a cauliflower and walnut pesto, for example, or a cavolo nero and almond sauce.
And it's not all about pasta. Our carrot-top pesto recipes (with roast carrot soup or our mini-lamb roast) make full use of the whole vegetable, while Sean Moran's tops his fried okra and tomato salad with a vibrant pistachio pesto. With these recipes, you'll be making pesto, presto.