Perfect plum recipes

A little astringent, with a lot of sweetness – make the most of the plums this season.

Stone fruit reach their peak in summer, and it's plums that we think work best in sweet and savoury dishes. Their slightly astringent skin is lessened after some cooking, and their sweet juicy flesh works beautifully in pastries and icy snow cones. Plums also pair wonderfully with pork, duck and seafood.
So, if you have a surplus of stone fruit while they're in their peak and wondering what to do with plums, we have plenty of recipes made with plums to turn to - from dessert dishes to make and bake such as plum cakes, a crostata tart, and crumbles to fish crudo with plums and lamb ribs served with spicy plum sauce.
Here are our favourite plum recipes for plum season.