Pumpkin recipes for winter and beyond

Sure you've had pumpkin soup, but have you had Etta's tamari-roasted pumpkin with sunflower and horseradish?

Etta's tamari-roasted pumpkin, sunflower and horseradish
Pumpkin's sweet and earthy flavours make it a versatile ingredient for desserts and savoury dishes. In roasted form, it words wonders drizzled with zhoug, squished into tortellini, or tossed into salads, and don't overlook our recipe for fried pumpkin with yoghurt-herb dressing. Pumpkin takes pride of place in the world of pies and tarts – try it savoury in Danielle Alvarez pumpkin galette with blue cheese and thyme, sweet in our caramel pumpkin pie, or somewhere in between with Pinbone's maple, bacon and pumpkin tart.