Quick dinner ideas to dial up the flavour (but not the labour)

Fast and flavourful is the name of the game.

Quick and easy pork and prawn noodle recipe
Quick-cooking proteins; spices, herbs and aromats; plus seasonal vegetables – this is your shortcut for quick dinner ideas for the week. Because after a long hard day at work during a busy week, all you want to turn to are reliable, easy dinners.
In this fast-paced age of meal kit delivery services and Thai takeaway, easy dinner ideas don't always mean you're looking for easy recipes. We get it. Sometimes, you can't be bothered to cook a weeknight dinner. But we believe quick, easy meals are worth cooking from scratch — from buying the freshest seasonal produce to adding your own culinary flair to your favourite meal ideas you cook repeatedly.
Looking for an easy chicken recipe that's ready in under the 30 minute mark? We've got it. What about a stir-fry that's big on flavour but not the labour. Yes, of course we have a few of those. Plus, quick, easy dinner recipes that range from aromatic curries and speedy tofu mains to simple baked fish dishes, vibrant salads and one-pot wonders that are the ultimate comfort food.
Whip your way through these speedy recipes for soups, pasta, stir-fries and more. Trust us, these quick dinner ideas won't let you down.