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What to cook this winter: the 2019 edition

Your weekday warmers menu, counting down from 25.

Beef sausage curry
Cooking in winter has its highs and lows. While steaming bowls of broth, hearty roast dinners and classic apple puddings have their moments, sometimes it's time for a shake-up. To get you out of your culinary funk, we've rounded up the most popular recipes of last winter. Come for the Chongqing noodles, stay for the mandarin babka. Here's to breaking new ground in your winter cooking repertoire.
25. Chicken and ginger congee
The ultimate make-ahead dish: put it on before you go to sleep and wake up to warm, silky congee in the morning.
24. Lime and buttermilk sponge pudding
A speedy update on the classic self-saucing pudding formula.
23. Hentley Farm's Kitchener buns
This South Australian export can be yours no matter where you live.
22. Pork skepasti
An over-the-top wrap guaranteed to chase away any winter chills.
21. Chicken and egg noodle soup with ginger and chilli
The healing powers of chicken noodle soup are well-documented. Add a poached egg to the mix and you'll feel instantly restored.
20. Harissa chicken with carrot, rice and quinoa pilaf
A one-pot meal that will get you out of just about any tight spot, from impromptu dinner guests to a speedy Sunday night dinner.
19. Mandarin and almond babka
A fresh take on babka, this version features a mandarin jam down the centre for a burst of citrus in every bite.
18. French crullers
One bite of these airy French pastries and we guarantee you'll fall for them just as hard as we did.
17. Fred's Pumpkin galette with blue cheese and thyme
Sydney restaurant Fred's shares the recipe for a rustic galette where the flavours of pumpkin and blue cheese mingle to winning effect.
16. Masterclass: Chongqing noodles
What better way to warm up than with a bowl of spicy broth and chewy noodles? Learn how to make this Sichuan favourite at home and you'll have winter comfort on tap.
15. Matcha layer cake with white chocolate cream
White chocolate and matcha are a match made in dessert heaven.
14. Sichuan chilli eggplant with wood-ear fungus
Spicy and pungent, this vegetarian dish from Sydney restaurant Good Luck Pinbone is guaranteed to leave your senses buzzing. Trust us.
13. Braised chicken with mushrooms
The main event at your next gathering needn't be complicated. This one-pot wonder requires an hour of your time and just a few star ingredients.
12. Big pork and prosciutto meatballs with polenta
We've taken the liberty of wrapping these meatballs in prosciutto for some added oomph. You're welcome.
11. Dosas with coconut lentil curry
A simple lentil curry, a light and crisp dosa for dipping, and a dollop of yoghurt - this is a dish we'd happily eat at every meal.
10. Beef sausage curry with coconut rice
A comforting and humble dish that will have you going back for seconds.
9. Cauliflower, leek and cheddar soup
Cauliflower and cheese make great bedfellows. Why not double the cheesiness by serving this soup with grilled cheese on toast?
8. Roast chicken thighs with green polenta
This super-simple dinner doesn't want for flavour. Mascarpone and parmesan are folded through the polenta while the chicken is enriched by oregano, garlic, lemon and thyme.
7. Bacon and egg pudding with salted maple
Hosting brunch is a breeze with this savoury take on a bread and butter pudding.
6. Sausage rolls
A batch of sausage rolls fresh from the oven won't last long. To ensure the cook doesn't miss out, make a (secret) second batch for later.
5. Pear, honey and ginger pudding
Sometimes, a simple sponge pudding with warm fruit is just what the doctor ordered.
4. XO fried rice
Kylie Kwong demonstrates the pay-off in making your own XO sauce - a deeply savoury note in your fried rice and a jar in the fridge that you can add to everything from stir-fries to scrambled eggs.
3. Egg sandwich
White bread, just-set egg and plenty of butter - why over-complicate things?
2. Feta and greens gözleme
Making your own gözleme has to be up there as one of the most satisfying projects a home cook can undertake.
1. Dutch baby with lemon butter and clotted cream
This giant pancake has a light, fluffy texture that's all the better for soaking up the tangy citrus curd it's served with. Try lemon, mandarin or even grapefruit.