Good-looking zucchini flower recipes

Delicate zucchini flowers are one of greatest spring's gifts.

Zucchini and kataifi fritters
Zucchini flowers are one of those seasonal specials we pounce on every year when we spot them at farmers' markets and select greengrocers. Their delicate flavour and stunning appearance make them an ideal addition to spring menus, whether stuffed with ricotta, tomato rice or nut purées, torn and tossed through salads, or as the finishing touch in pasta dishes. Zucchini flowers are usually sold with the baby zucchini fruit attached. Female flowers are directly attached to the zucchini, while male flowers are linked by a stem. The flowers are extremely perishable – they're best used on the day of purchase.
To prepare, gently wash them in a bowl of water, trim off the zucchini fruit, and remove the pistil (from female flowers) and stamen (from male flowers). Store zucchini flowers in the refrigerator by placing them on a paper towel and sealing them in an airtight ziplock bag.
Here's how to cook with zucchini flowers with our best recipes.