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Mi casa, su casa. And if your idea of a happy home is a sharply designed space teeming with wine. so much the better.
Casa, Perth in WA . Photo of a plate of pasta with mushrooms at the bar Served with focaccia and a glass of white wine.
399 Oxford St, Mount Hawthorn

Mi casa, su casa. And if your idea of a happy home is a sharply designed space filled with mid-century accents, dialled-in waitstaff that care and fridges teeming with organic wine, so much the better. A perpetual buzz electrifies this soigné wine bar, although that might just be all of chef Paul Bentley’s ideas ricocheting around the kitchen. Often his mind races to Mexico (octopus al pastor toasts and roasted cabbage with a pumpkin-seed salsa, say). Sometimes he revisits his French roots (that’d be the shattery millefeuille sandwiching crème Chantilly and caramelised apples). But largely the menu explores the joys of cucina Italiana, from springy house-made cotechino with braised lentils, to tweaked pastas like pappardelle and oyster mushrooms showered with pecorino and pepper – think of it as high-octane cacio e pepe. For more of Bentley’s Midas touch, head to Si Paradiso for a rollicking Sunday session plus some of Perth’s finest pizze.

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399 Oxford St, Mount Hawthorn
Paul Bentley
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Lunch Sat; Dinner Tue-Sat

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