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Aerial view of three Calabrian dried fruit and nut pastries on a blue plate.

Pitta ‘mpigliata

Crisp, chewy, sweet and nutty all in one bite, plus pretty as a rose. It’s no wonder these scrolls appear at both Easter and Christmas.
Torta Pasqualina

Torta Pasqualina

This Ligurian specialty is perfect for Easter picnics – just transport your pie in its tin.
Two twisted pastries with big blue candied eggs in the centre. The pastries look as though they are a nest for the egg.

Cuddura Cull’ova (Sicilian Easter biscuits)

These playful Sicilian biscuits are traditionally given on Good Friday for good luck. The dough is also incredibly forgiving – if you stuff up rolling the shapes the first-time round, just re-roll.
Ciaramicola cake topped with Italian meringue and sprinkles

Easter baking recipes

Dust off your mixing spoon, man your oven and have your eggs at the ready as we present some of our all-time favourite Easter baking recipes, from praline bread pudding to those all-important hot cross buns.
Golden half moon folded pastry on a plate.

Abruzzo cheese pies

These golden brown half moon shaped pastries from the Abruzzo region of Italy are irresistibly flaky and cheesy.