Middle Eastern

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  • Eggplant lines

    Miznon chef Eyal Shani is at his finest in this simple eggplant recipe with an unusual presentation.

    Now to love|Sep 08, 2018

  • Rumi's prawn börek

    “Filled pastries have a very long history in the Middle East,” says Joseph Abboud. “The original, sanbosag or sanbusaj, became samosa in India, sambousek in Lebanon and sambusa in Ethiopia, to name a few. Börek, which are a great snack, are another.”

    Now to love|Aug 31, 2018

  • Roasted pumpkin with zhoug

    Zhoug is a hot green sauce from Yemen that’s often added to soups and stews for a fresh and fiery finish. Here we’ve paired it with sweet roasted pumpkin for a no-fuss side that’s a winner with chicken.

    Now to love|Aug 29, 2018