The gourmand’s guide to France

Indulge a passion for food and history with a journey that takes you on an epicurean adventure through some of the most beautiful regions of France.
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To appreciate French food is a blessing, but to appreciate it while gliding down some of the country’s most iconic rivers is a true privilege. From Coq au vin in Lyon to Quince and brown sugar parfait in Arles, there’s no dish too big or small that you won’t find on an APT river cruise through France.

From the comfort of one of APT’s luxurious Aria riverships, the nuances and flavours of French cuisine are constantly within arm’s reach − whether you’re on board or enjoying the sights and experiences each town and village has to offer.

In Tournon, wine lovers will adore the beautifully historic Maison M. Chapoutier winery, renowned for its biodynamic wines and scenic outlook as the immaculate vines cascade down the rolling hills, while chocolate lovers can choose instead to take a guided ride through the countryside to visit the Valrhona chocolate factory.

Founded in 1808, the family-run Maison M. Chapoutier winery produces organic and biodynamic wines − world-renowned for their exquisite taste and quality. Photo: @m_chapoutier

In Arles, discover French virgin olive oil straight from the press, while in Beaujolais visit a snail farm or sample local Beaujolais wines. If you have a nose for truffles, a stop in Viviers offers the opportunity to walk the countryside with a local farmer and his dog to sniff out the highly-prized delicacies.

Come with an appetite to Lyon; there is a reason it’s known as France’s gastronomic capital. This vibrant city is home to many traditional eateries and markets but its cobblestoned streets are now paving the way for a new generation of bright young chefs creating new takes on French cuisines.

Lyon’s indoor food market, Les Halles De Lyon, is a must-see (and eat) stop for food-lovers exploring the region.Photo: Getty

The ship’s wine list is a journey too, with a premium selection of local wines from Burgundy, the Rhône Valley and the Loire Valley carefully curated for 2020 journeys and of course, served alongside fresh local produce and French specialities.

The 15-day Romantic Rhône & Seine, Arles to Paris cruise cruise will take you to France’s finest food and wine regions from just $11,495 pp. Photo: John Laurie

Delight your appetite in 2020 with an amazing 15-day journey from Arles to Paris aboard a luxurious river ship, stopping to discover the true flavours of France along the way.

Bon appetit − this is an amazing French experience like no other.

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