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Travel tips: Melanie Grant

Chanel Australia's resident skin expert Melanie Grant lets us in on her travel regime, from her preferred suitcase to achieving picture perfect skin after a flight.

Melanie Grant
Where do you travel regularly for work? 
"Melbourne, Paris, London and New York. I love these cities, so I feel very lucky."
How often are you away?
"I travel to Melbourne weekly from Sydney. I'm overseas four or five times a year."
Suitcase of choice?
"Samsonite, the really lightweight ones - so I have more weight allowance for shoes. Also my Chanel XXL carry-on; my husband calls it 'the mothership'."
Pre-flight routine?
"I have a hydrating facial the day before I leave on a long-haul flight. And always a gin and tonic the night before I leave, because I don't drink on the flight."
Essential cabin baggage?
"Laptop, Kindle, skincare (a lot of skincare), a black silk eye mask, compression stockings, a humidifying breathing mask and earplugs. And copies of French, Italian and Australian Vogue.
On-board routine?
"For long-haul flights I change into pyjamas straight away and then cleanse my face with a micellar water and apply a serum underneath a hydrating cream mask. I love Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask. Last, I apply an oil on my face, hair and body to ensure supple, hydrated skin when I land - Chanel's new Jasmine oil is just beyond. I try to get my work completed first so I can read magazines, watch movies and relax, and I always try to time my sleep to sync with my destination time zone - but, honestly, I'm yet to master that. Ninety minutes before landing I like to have a shower (which is why I love Emirates) and apply a rich, heavy moisturiser with a little mascara and lip balm."
Roll or fold?
"I fold most things and then when I'm running out of room I roll smaller garments and squeeze them into the gaps."
Which airline do you fly most often for work?
"Qantas and Emirates. I love Qantas for the great people and service. And Emirates for the great in-flight experience, the showers and the privacy."
Aisle or window seat?
"Window for sure. I love flying from Paris to Dubai and looking down over continental Europe and the deserts of the UAE on a clear night."
Favourite airline lounge?
"I don't love lounges to be honest. I do anything to ensure minimum time is spent in them. Having said that, I do like Virgin Atlantic's London Heathrow Clubhouse; it's like a scene from The Jetsons."
Favourite hotels for business?
"I love boutique hotels where the staff know your name. Le Burgundy in Paris, The Crosby Street Hotel or The Mercer in New York, and St Martins Lane in London."
How do hotels get it wrong for business travellers?
"Dodgy WiFi, limited room-service menus and bad coffee are all deal-breakers for me. And no bathtub - a tub is non-negotiable."
Melanie Grant is the founder of Melanie Grant Skin Health and a skin expert for Chanel Australia.