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Expert tips for air travel with Jo Horgan

Founder and co-CEO of Mecca Brands Jo Horgan shares her travel tips, including her essential travel items and her pre-flight routine.

By Jo Horgan
Jo Horgan
Where do you travel regularly for work?
"We have hugely important relationships with the brands that Mecca carries exclusively, and many of those are based in the US, the UK and Europe. I visit a handful of countries two to three times a year. In the past year I've worked in New York, LA, San Francisco, Seattle, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Japan and Korea."
How often are you away?
"I'II do six to eight international trips a year on average. We have 70-plus stores in Australia and New Zealand, so I'm usually on an interstate flight once a month to visit our Mecca Cosmetica and Mecca Maxima stores while being on the lookout for new sites (stay tuned, Tasmania)."
Suitcase of choice?
Pre-flight routine?
"I always fit in some yoga at home or a decent walk around the Botanical Gardens in Melbourne on the morning of my flight. I make calls in the car on the way to the airport and in the lounge. I always buy extra water for the flight and make sure I have enough local currency to get by."
Essential cabin baggage?
"I'm a creature of habit - I always carry water, a cashmere blanket and socks, and my favourite homemade muesli. My luxury essentials are, unsurprisingly, beauty products: Lauren Napier Cleanse individual facial wipes, a nourishing face oil (such as Rodin's Olio Lusso), and something to help me unwind and to encourage sleep naturally (such as This Works Deep Sleep Stress Less). And I always travel with a pack of Mecca Cosmetica Lit from Within sheet masks and wear one 30 minutes before landing so I arrive as fresh-faced as humanly possible."
Onboard routine?
"Before take-off, I speak to my husband and children and then I settle in, put on my favourite socks, wrap myself in my blanket and adjust to the time zone of my destination, which determines when I eat (lightly) and sleep. I never drink alcohol. If I can sneak in a movie, happy days."
Roll or fold?
"I hang everything in a couple of garment bags and fold the rest."
Aisle or window?
"Aisle, without fail."
Which airline do you fly most often for work?
"Qantas, because the cabin crew are always friendly and they know me; it's lovely to see familiar faces when you're travelling."
Favourite hotel for business?
"The Mercer in New York. It feels like you're living in a SoHo loft rather than a hotel room."
  • Author: Jo Horgan