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Meatsmith, Singapore

David Pynt introduced Singaporeans to the joys of modern Australian barbecue in 2013, this is what he did next...

By Max Veenhuyzen
When David Pynt opened Burnt Ends in 2013, the Australian chef introduced Singaporeans to the joys of modern Australian barbecue. This week in the island nation's CBD, Pynt and his team open the doors to Meatsmith, a new restaurant promising meat, booze and rocking tunes galore. The Perth expat spoke to Gourmet Traveller about smoke, fire and having a good time.
So what's Meatsmith all about, Dave?
It's a contemporary American smokehouse combining American smokehouse technique with international flavours. Our core menu will include pork belly, brisket and chicken and we'll be doing specials like ribs and lamb shoulder. The rest of the menu will be made up of things like fried green tomatoes, pig's ear wraps and chicharrónes with a house rub. We'll be cooking our prime meats for lunch and dinner service, too, so no holding meats and reheating them. Like Burnt Ends, it's going to be a casual sort of place. People sit at tables and go up to the bar to order, like you would at somewhere like Settlers Tavern in Margaret River. We'll also be installing a Funktion One sound system, so if we want to have a party, we can have a party.
Sounds tasty. What's going to be pouring behind the bar?
We'll have a few imported craft beers on tap, plus we've already started barrel-ageing some whiskey-heavy cocktails. There'll also be lots of Bourbon in general, plus Picklebacks and a little bit of wine, too.
At Burnt Ends, those twin wood-burning ovens were your own creation. Will we be seeing any further examples of Pynt ingenuity in the Meatsmith kitchen?
I wish. We've got these two Southern Pride smokers which are basically the best in the business. They're lock-and-load units and great for doing quality product in high volumes. Andrew Baldus will be in charge of the food. He's a solid chef from Nebraska who's cooked in barbecue hotspots like Nashville and South Carolina. Alysia Chan is his sous chef. I'll be helping them get everything into place for the opening, but after that, I won't be interfering. But if they want a sounding board or someone to help, I'm there.
You've been in Singapore for two years now. Care to share some of your favourite spots for Chinese barbecue meats?
The ducks at Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck Restaurant are our benchmark. For a satay smash-up, we go to Lau Pa Sat market. Foong Kee just up the road in Chinatown does amazing pork and duck at a great price.
Meatsmith, 167-169 Telok Ayer, Singapore, +65 6221 2262