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New York's mighty Quin Hotel

Meet your new New York address.

The mighty Quin
Meet your new New York address. Balancing larger-hotel benefits (size, staffing, amenities) with boutique-property élan (style and service), The Quin gets it right. Its design is striking but sidesteps issues that make other designer hotels more appealing to look at than live in.
Not for Quin guests the barked shins of pointlessly placed furniture and the endless search for light switches; the conveniences here are modern but they're placed intuitively and framed by good linen, soft leather, windows that open, and Macallan in the minibar. The location, too, is a win, in the heart of Midtown, two blocks south of Central Park. Our favourite touch? Takeaway cups next to the Nespresso machine, ready for the march to that morning meeting (or, better yet, Saks). 
The view.
Rooms from $540. The Quin Hotel, 101 West 57th.