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Stylishly sustainable stays

Fogo Island Inn, Canada
Faced with a choice between two equally stunning hotels - same price and amenities, but only one supports community or environmental projects - which would you choose? Journalist Juliet Kinsman is banking on travellers making the moral choice with the launch of her website Bouteco, a showcase of hotels that marry style and sustainability. Featured properties include Bali's handcrafted Katamama, Cambodia's Song Saa Resort, and Canada's Fogo Island Inn, a pioneering social enterprise that's become a lifeline for its Newfoundland fishing community.
Bouteco's début is timely given it's UNESCO's International Year of Sustainable Tourism, but Kinsman, founding editor at Mr & Mrs Smith, insists she's not simply tapping a trend. "I'm not doing this because smart tourism and intelligent luxury are fashionable," she says, "but because it's the future. Well, it needs to be - for the sake of the environment and future generations."