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Three of the best ski lodges in Colorado

Heading to the northern slopes? Here’s the pick of ski lodges in Colorado.

Dunton Hot Springs, Telluride
Heading to the northern slopes? Here's the pick of ski lodges in Colorado.
Dunton Hot Springs, Telluride
An abandoned mining town lives again as a private playground of natural hot springs and luxe log cabins for 44 guests, who can go heli-skiing or ice-climbing, then retire to the town's saloon, dance hall and bathhouse. A sister property, Dunton River Camp, offers glam backcountry camping, and the Victorian-era Dunton Town House opened last northern winter in downtown Telluride, with Tyrolean-themed interiors and five guestrooms.
Trappers Cabin, Beaver Creek
This is the only on-mountain lodge at Beaver Creek, arguably the most luxurious ski resort in the US. Once the lifts close, the mountain and first tracks next morning can be entirely yours. This log cabin at 2,900 metres sleeps a single party of up to 10, who can frolic in an outdoor hot-tub, shoot pool and lounge on decks or by fireplaces. A cabin-keeper is on hand to arrange ski coaching, gear hire, spa treatments and private
Scarp Ridge Lodge, Crested Butte
Chief among the toys at Scarp Ridge Lodge is a fleet of snowcats that deliver guests to the deep snowdrifts of Irwin, where adventure operator Eleven Experiences has another two cabins and exclusive access to 400 hectares of lift-free terrain. Once a dance hall for silver miners, the lodge sleeps up to 20 (only in winter) with a saltwater lap pool, saunas, hot-tubs and a team to stage adventures from ice-climbing to dog-sledding.