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Keen to reduce their waste, the organisers of last year's Rootstock wine festival in Sydney came up with the idea of distilling the contents of the popular event's many spit buckets - hundreds of litres of expectorated chardonnay and pinot and amber wines and cloudy wines. The result, processed at nearby Poor Toms Gin, is a fine grappa (some bottled as is, some matured in cask) tentatively named Disco Pash - because, as distiller Griffin Blumer quipped, "it's like a kiss from a stranger in a nightclub". poortomsgin.com.au


Hot 100 2017: drinks trends

Bored of beer? Weary of wine? Not with this list of exciting new drops, plus where to drink them and gadgets to make them taste better. It's the drinks edit of our Hot 100 2017 - dive in.

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