The best reusable coffee cups for your take-away coffee

The combination of form, functionality and eco-friendliness makes these cups worth holding on to.

Recycling has become a hot-button issue for many Australians. Between the exposés on recycled goods ending up in landfill and the hard truths around the unsustainable volume of waste we generate, the general consensus is that separating your rubbish is no longer enough: we need to cut down our consumption of plastics, period.
Coffee cups are an easy – and necessary – place to start: it's estimated that more than three billion take-away coffee cups are sold in Australia each year, many of them non-recyclable.
The solution, of course, is a reusable coffee cup. Lucky for you, now more than ever, there are plenty of beautiful cups to choose from; some even pay for your coffee for you. And, in another win for the planet, many reusable cups are made locally. The hardest decision is which to make a part of your daily routine.
Numbered clockwise from left below:
1 Pretty in Pink handmade ceramic cup, $35, from Pottery for the Planet
2 Nia reusable cup, $19.95, from Country Road
3 Sandy Planet handmade ceramic cup, $35, from Pottery for the Planet
4 Mystic Mauve cup, $27.99, from Sol Cups
5 Ceramic cup in Aqua, $40, from Claycups
6 To Go Click in Soft Lavender, by Stelton, $59.50, from The DEA Store
7 Brew Cork edition, $30, from Keep Cup
8 Next Generation Visa payWave in Cool Grey base, $39.95, from Frank Green