5 wine fridges to store your vinos for entertaining and longevity

Let your wines age just like a fine wine.

By Jessica G. Lynch
If you have quite the penchant for throwing boozy soirées or consider yourself something of a budding sommelier, you're going to want to invest in a wine fridge.
Unlike bar fridges and standard refrigerators that are usually chilled around the 3°C mark, the fridge of the vino variety usually sits at 12°C as the optimal cellaring temperature - and also has controlled humidity and minimised vibration.
Chilling your preferred vintages for serving is a different story, however. Opt for 6-8°C for sparkling, 8-13°C for whites and 15-18°C for reds. After all, no one likes a warm glass of champers.
Whether you're an avid collector or natural entertainer, we've rounded up some of the best wine fridges around that'll see your wines ageing just like the old adage.

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