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Belgian chocolatier GODIVA unveils debut luxury advent calendar for 2023

The taste of luxury is one that cannot be beat.

By GT Staff
Once November rolls around, the Yuletide countdown is nigh. While this ensues endless list-making and precarious preparations, there is one way to sweeten the season: with a luxe chocolate advent calendar.
By chance, Belgian chocolatier GODIVA has unveiled its debut luxury advent calendar offering 24 pieces of their richest treats that is exclusively available in Australia.
Established in 1926 by Pierre Draps in his Brussel home kitchen, GODIVA has since become the Belgian royal court's official chocolatier with an almost century-long legacy of chocolate mastery.
Fom its signature G Cubes and chocolate domes to sumptuous caramels, each piece of the heritage brand's advent selection is developed by artisan chefs from around the world, with meticulous attention to detail and wrapped in thoughtfully selected gold foiling.
According to GODIVA, the flavours and textures within the limited-edition advent calendar perfect for the epicurean "encapsulate the brand's storied history of chocolate craftsmanship".
And while more humble iterations of chocolate calendars still would not go astray, the taste of luxury by a heritage chocolatier is one that cannot be beat.
To make the Christmas countdown that bit sweeter, you can pick up one of these limited-edition advent calendars exclusively from GODIVA. With a no-melt guarantee, you're all set to indulge this Christmas.