Chinese eggplant recipes you'll want to cook right now

Including that all-time crowd favourite, the Sichuan braised eggplant.

Good Luck Pinbone’s Sichuan chilli eggplant with wood-ear fungus
We're calling it – eggplants, cooked as the Chinese do, are one of the finest ways to prepare the purple stuff. And who better to turn to for Chinese eggplant recipes than the people who cook for a living? Try them Tony Tan's way in a Hakka-style dish, where the eggplant are stuffed with prawns then deep-fried; or steamed Shandong-style before being topped with a sesame dressing.
But if we're talking all-time favourites, it's got to be eggplant done Sichuan-style: fish-fragrant eggplant by Dainty Sichuan and Dan Hong, or braised with chilli, garlic and wood-ear fungus à la one-time pop-up restaurant Goodluck Pinbone.