Gourmet Institute event 7: Paul Carmichael

Get a taste of Barbados’s sunshine and sea air in the middle of Sydney this winter with Momofuku Seiobo chef Paul Carmichael's Creole fish baked in banana leaves, choko and cucumber salad and the mighty macaroni pie.

Now to love|Jun 05, 2017

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  • Paul Carmichael's recipes for a Caribbean feast

    You can take the boy out of Barbados but you can’t take the big-hearted Bajan spirit out of Paul Carmichael’s Christmas spread. The chef from Sydney’s Momofuku Seiobo shares the greatest hits from the generous table his mother lays on for the big day back home.

    Now to love|Feb 05, 2017

  • Paul Carmichael's Creole fish

    Restaurant Momofuku Seiobo chef Paul Carmichael has added a modern twist to his Mother's Creole sauce recipe. Rather than smothering the snapper in the spicy sauce, Carmichael encloses the sauce and the fish in a banana leaf parcel, en-papillote style.

    Now to love|Jan 31, 2017

  • Paul Carmichael's peas and rice

    Momofuku Seiobo chef Paul Carmichael based his peas and rice recipe off the classic Caribbean staple. His own green seasoning made with habanero chilli adds extra spice.

    Now to love|Jan 24, 2017