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Expert tips for air travel with Christine Holgate

We ask Christine Holgate, CEO of Blackmores, to share her pre-flight routines and travel tips.

Christine Holgate
CEO of Blackmores Christine Holgate tells us her travel tips.
Where do you travel regularly for work?
"I spend a lot of time in Melbourne, as well as in Singapore, Shanghai and right across South East Asia."
How often are you away?
"About 150 nights a year for work and personal reasons. Blackmores has a growing international business, and I visit my family in the UK as often as I can."
Suitcase of choice?
"Currently I'm using a Rimowa suitcase - it's like a little metal tank. Because I travel so frequently, my life is in that little case and I know it's all safe."
Pre-flight routine?
"I'm usually working in the Qantas lounge until the minute I have to board."
Essential cabin item?
"A tube of Blackmores Natural Vitamin E cream, Blackmores Bio C to support my immunity, and my iPad."
Onboard routine?
"I take out my laptop as soon as I'm able and work away until it runs out of charge, then I'll try to sleep. I don't often eat on flights - just cheese and biscuits, if anything."
Roll or fold?
"Definitely fold."
Who do you fly with when you're working?
"Qantas, because every country should have a strong national airline, and it's important to support them."
Aisle or window?
"Always the window."
Favourite airline lounge?
"Qantas First Class International in Sydney."
Favourite hotels for business?
"It's hard to choose between Grand Hyatt Melbourne and Grand Hyatt Shanghai - both deliver exceptional service, have stunning views and are in the heart of the city. They offer canapés in their club lounges every evening, which is a great, safe way to grab a bite when I'm travelling alone."
How do hotels get it wrong for business travellers?
"Being English-born, I love a bath - and they're few and far between. Having said that, most hotels do a great job for business travellers. I spend so many nights in hotels, all I really want is white sheets, BBC News and an ironing board."