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  • Trend spotting: Bird is the word

    Chicken is the roast with the most of the moment.
  • Berry and goat’s curd tart

    Reminiscent of the classic French millefeuille, this tart delivers an impressive dessert to the table in less than 30 minutes.
  • Recipes by David Thompson

    Thai food maestro David Thompson returns to the Sydney restaurant scene with the opening of Long Chim, a standard-bearer for Thailand’s robust street food. Fiery som dtum is just the beginning.
  • Omelette au fromage

    "The secret to an excellent omelette starts with the quality and freshness of the eggs," says France-Soir chef Jean-Paul Prunetti. "It's a complex dish to make - simple but far from easy if excellence is the desired outcome. There are many different basic recipes in France; my mother's and my grandmother's always started with great eggs, whisked together using two forks, with a little salt and black pepper, and were then poured into a hot pan glazed with a knob of butter and a splash of oil." At France-Soir, says Geraud Fabre, the omelette is served "baveuse" - still a little runny.


Just in

Dan Hong's salt and pepper calamari with lime aioli

The executive chef shares his salt and pepper squid recipe, including his secret for a crisp, light batter.

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Chive gougeres with cured trout and creme fraiche

These bite-sized snacks perfectly illustrate the versatility of choux pastry. They're an ideal vehicle for whatever savoury filling you like - we love cured trout and creme fraiche, but they would be equally delicious filled with thinly sliced leg ham and Gruyere, or even with a luxe pate, cornichons and frisee. If you can't be bothered curing the trout, flaked hot-smoked trout would make a good substitute.

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David Thompson's grilled sticky rice with banana paste

"I love the comfort of this dish," says Thompson. "It's gently grilled until golden and toasty. The rice can be cooked and steeped in the sweetened coconut cream the day before. In Bangkok, this dish is often made with the leftover grains from mango and sticky rice. Bananas seem to work best with this, both as a puree and sliced. Wrap in the banana leaves and grill. Be careful not to cook over too high a heat or for too long or the rice can become tough. Use overripe bananas for this recipe - their pronounced sugar produces a luscious paste." Start this recipe a day ahead to soak the rice.

Food News & Features

Sweet Stone brigadeiros

Brazil’s national sweet has hit Australia.

Popular in Recipes

"Slow and steady wins the race, so we're cooking this Indian-spiced lamb shoulder for 12 hours.…"


Five Australian makers to know right now

Meet your maker: Anekka

Bright tea towels

Takeawei ceramics


Malfatti Glass


The cheat

Need to whip up a meal in a flash? Here are some quick and easy ideas.

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Quick meals with almonds

Nuts are a must on the festive menu, not least almonds, the most versatile of the bunch.


Quick meals with flatbread

Leftover flatbread is smartly turned into a meal or snack when you want a quick party trick.


Quick meals with green lentils

When you’re talking the tiny refined French variety of lentil, you’ve got a legume ready for prompt deployment.

Recipe Collections

Whatever you're looking for, we've got it. From quick entrees and tasty snacks to gorgeous mains and the best dishes to match with wines. So what are you waiting for? Dig in.

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Recipe Collections

Pickles and preserves

From watermelon rind pickles to nectarine, peach and orange blossom jam, now’s the time to start pickling and preserving the summer harvest....

Recipe Collections

Healthy summer drinks

Drink a lot over Christmas? If you're staying clear of the booze in January, your mocktails need not be boring. Here are 15 of our favourite...

Recipe Collections

Ice-cream recipes

There's nothing quite as refreshing as an ice-cream after a quick dip or as the finale to a long lunch in the garden. Here's a collection of...

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