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We're championing fresh food that packs a flavour punch, from salads and vegetable-packed bowls to grains and light desserts.

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  • Our Hot 100 issue is out now

    Our Hot 100 issue is out now. In his editor's letter, Pat Nourse walks you through what to expect.
  • Clam, sausage and black bean noodles with garlic chives

    Surf and turf - what's not to love? In this case, it's clams and Chinese sausage, tossed through fresh egg noodles with black beans, garlic chives and plenty of soy sauce. Speedy and tasty.
  • Saint Peter's scallops with citrus dressing

    "Scallops and citrus have a wonderful synergy whether they're raw or cooked," says Saint Peter chef Josh Niland. "This dish was put together at the beginning of summer a few years ago, I had recently seen how to take apart the individual cells of a fresh pomelo and was excited to add this to a dressing along with as many other citrus fruits as I could find. Adding the zest, juice and segments of the fruit it gives you a fantastic balance of sweet, sour and bitter. The white soy sauce adds a wonderful complexity and savouriness to the dressing and a little sugar rounds it out. This dressing can be made with just one or two types of citrus for a similar result, but it's a truly beautiful dish if all the citrus can be found. It's also great served with raw fish - John Dory, black flathead and wild kingfish would all be excellent choices."
  • Blue Nile's Ethiopian eggplant dip

    "I'd love the recipe for the eggplant dip the wonderful Fatuma Tikuye serves at Blue Nile in Blacktown." - Helena Rosebery, Annandale, NSW REQUEST A RECIPE To request a recipe, email or write to Fare Exchange, Australian Gourmet Traveller, GPO Box 4088, Sydney, NSW 2001. Please include the restaurant's name and address or business card, as well as your name and address.


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Daniel Puskas' dry-aged lamb rump with caramelised pumpkin juice

Daniel Puskas cut a dash through some of Sydney's finest restaurants before opening Sixpenny in the neighbourhood of Stanmore. One of Sixpenny's many pleasures is the gentle sense of dislocation between the sleepy, genteel suburban setting and the radical things playing out on the plate. They're frequently marked by genuinely inventive uses of produce, and are always presented with an eye for elegance. "I like to make things appear simple, but once you start to eat a dish you can see how complex it becomes," says Puskas. "The sauce looks like a classic jus, but is in fact purely vegetal." Start this recipe a day ahead to drain the pumpkin juice. Serve with roasted leeks or a simple green salad.

Food News & Features

Dan Hong's salt and pepper calamari with lime aioli

The executive chef shares his salt and pepper squid recipe, including his secret for a crisp, light batter.

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Chive gougeres with cured trout and creme fraiche

These bite-sized snacks perfectly illustrate the versatility of choux pastry. They're an ideal vehicle for whatever savoury filling you like - we love cured trout and creme fraiche, but they would be equally delicious filled with thinly sliced leg ham and Gruyere, or even with a luxe pate, cornichons and frisee. If you can't be bothered curing the trout, flaked hot-smoked trout would make a good substitute. To make choux pastry, see our basic choux pastry recipe.

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David Thompson's grilled sticky rice with banana paste

"I love the comfort of this dish," says Thompson. "It's gently grilled until golden and toasty. The rice can be cooked and steeped in the sweetened coconut cream the day before. In Bangkok, this dish is often made with the leftover grains from mango and sticky rice. Bananas seem to work best with this, both as a puree and sliced. Wrap in the banana leaves and grill. Be careful not to cook over too high a heat or for too long or the rice can become tough. Use overripe bananas for this recipe - their pronounced sugar produces a luscious paste." Start this recipe a day ahead to soak the rice.

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The cheat

Need to whip up a meal in a flash? Here are some quick and easy ideas.

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Octopus, frisee and fennel salad with lardons and lentil dressing

For an even simpler version, leave out the octopus and add crisp croutons instead. Or try it with a poached egg. Or seared scallops.

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Coquilles Saint-Jacques

"Historically, and still today, the scallop is regarded by the French as a delicacy," says France-Soir chef Jean-Paul Prunetti. "The common...


Quick meals with almonds

Nuts are a must on the festive menu, not least almonds, the most versatile of the bunch.

Recipe Collections

Whatever you're looking for, we've got it. From quick entrees and tasty snacks to gorgeous mains and the best dishes to match with wines. So what are you waiting for? Dig in.

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Tomato and fennel clams with saffron mayonnaise

Rinse the clams well to remove grit and sand. Factor in the clams, too, when seasoning the dish - they're naturally briny.

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Pickles and preserves

From watermelon rind pickles to nectarine, peach and orange blossom jam, now’s the time to start pickling and preserving the summer harvest....

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Healthy summer drinks

Drink a lot over Christmas? If you're staying clear of the booze in January, your mocktails need not be boring. Here are 15 of our favourite...

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