The only thing you need to host a delicious Italian dinner party

Bring a slice of Naples to your home with one impressive appliance.

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If anyone has mastered the art of at-home entertaining, it’s the Italians. They proved their expertise with the invention of aperitivo hour and backed it up with the creation of several sparkling cocktails like Limoncello Spritz, Bellini, and Aperol Spritz. Not to mention their affinity for family-style long lunches starring homemade and traditional recipes.

Above all, the Italians are credited with creating the crowd-pleasing party staple, pizza. Since its Neapolitan origins in the early 1800s, the simple and delicious dish has evolved from a flatbread seasoned with garlic and tomato into a diverse world favourite.

No matter how it’s served—with pineapple, prawns, or pepperoni—one thing remains constant. A dedicated pizza oven is the only way to achieve that signature harmonious blend of spicy meats, bubbling cheese, and golden, crisp crust.

Whether you’re hosting an Italian-inspired dinner party complete with refreshing Spritzes or craving a classic Margherita for a weekday lunch, the secret to mastering the perfect pizza is to invest in a pizza oven.

Stack ready-to-fire pizzas in the convenient alfresco pizza station.

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Enter: the KILN R Series oven by Everdure. This compact, gas-powered pizza oven is the perfect size for an alfresco kitchen, making it an easy, space-savvy addition to any home cook’s outdoor set-up.

Below, we reveal everything you need to know about Everdure’s must-have portable oven—from its surprising capabilities to our shopping list for the ultimate at-home pizza station.

Why you need a portable pizza oven

Make like the Italians and embrace languorous, long lunches surrounded by friends and family, great conversation, and even better food with the ultimate pizza oven.

A gas-powered oven transforms traditional wood-fired cooking convention with modern technology, allowing you to honour authentic Italian methods while using a faster and more sustainable approach. How fast? The KILN R Series can reach a temperature of 400C in less than 15 minutes and cook a large pizza in under two minutes—turning homemade pizza nights into a quick and easy family activity.

Featuring a rotating turntable and u-shaped burner for an even cook, the oven removes the need for intervention in the cooking process. And it can also sear and bake a variety of other food, which will come in handy if your menu extends beyond pizza to tender steaks or fresh seafood dishes.

Easy to set-up, cook, clean and store with protective covers, the KILN R Series is the perfect addition to your outdoor dining space for summer entertaining.

The sleek and stylish portable oven is available in multiple colourways and designed to suit any outdoor dining area.

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5 must-have pizza oven accessories

Pizza Cutter Rocker Wheel

Pizza Station

Aluminium Perforated Pizza Peel

Infrared Temperature Gun

KILN Cover

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