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Five of the best: Drinking chocolate

From pure cacao to cinnamon-spiced, these cocoas to mix up in a mug promise warmth and comfort in equal measure.
Drinking chocolateAlicia Taylor

1. Mörk Junior dark 50% hot chocolate The introduction to Mörk’s ethically sourced collection of hot chocolates, Junior Dark clocks in at just 50% cacao content. Don’t let names or numbers fool you, though, this one’s as grown-up as it gets. Smooth, rich, round and just that right level of bitter. It makes a killer milkshake, too. $23 for 250gm.

2. Valrhona 100% Cacao Cocoa powder Valrhona is a name synonymous with quality the world over, so it should come as no surprise that their pure cocoa powder packs a walloping earthy punch. It’s the ideal blank canvas – balance the intensity and get creative with the addition of sugar, spice and all things nice. $19.95 for 250gm.

3. Nib + Noble sugar free drinking chocolate Guilt-free goodness is a real thing: the proof is in this powder. Made exclusively from organic ingredients, this one’s softer and more delicate than most, but it’s by no means short on flavour. Brighten the morning with a cup, or sprinkle it on your cereal. $13.95 for 250gm.

4. T Totaler matcha hot chocolate Not quite a tea, not quite a cocoa, but a little bit of both. Adventurous palates and umami enthusiasts will relish the way chocolate’s subtle sweetness and the vegetal complexity of Japanese stone-ground matcha come together in the cup. And here’s to the handsome, apothecary-style packaging. $33 for 200gm.

5. Grounded pleasures cinnamon spice drinking chocolate Sophie and Craig McKenzie produce an impressive range of drinking chocolates in Ballarat. The winner is a blend of cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg and cardamom that channels the spirit of cooler weather with aplomb. Biscuits at the ready. $11.90 for 200gm.

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