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Our most-wanted mustards on the market right now

Whether sweet or spicy, seeded or smooth, these five mustards more than cut it.
James Moffatt

A good mustard is a prized condiment – that gold-hued paste that’s primed for slathering on hot dogs, hamburgers and sandwiches, or as a sharp counterpart to a well grilled steak. Keep these top-notch jars in the kitchen for when the mustard mood strikes next.

Moutarde de Meaux Pommery Firemen’s Mustard

Have the fire brigade on hold. You might need it to extinguish the lingering blaze from this chilli-packed French mustard, with a base recipe that dates back to 1632. Brush it over pork

or beef before grilling or roasting to achieve a ferocious, fiery crust.

$14.50 for 250gm.

Tracklements Strong English Mustard

If you like your steak with a side of clear sinuses, Tracklements has you covered. Temper the heat by mixing it with egg yolks and mayonnaise for wicked devilled eggs, or give its Tewkesbury Hot Mustard a go if you’re after something a tad softer.

$10.50 for 140gm.

Spiral Foods Organic Wholegrain Mustard

The bright, pleasant piquancy of cider vinegar comes through loud and clear in this satisfyingly textured mustard, which makes it a shoo-in for all manner of dressings and marinades, a stir through potato salad or a supporting role in a rich gratin.

$5.99 for 200gm.

Delouis Dijon Mustard

Few pantry staples deserve pride of place on the shelf quite like a classic Dijon mustard. The Delouis recipe tastes exactly the way you want it to, and earns top marks for creaminess, unrivalled smoothness and fullness of flavour.

$4.95 for 200gm.

Peter Watson Imperial Russian Mustard

Here’s a mustard that practically begs to be spread on a crusty baguette with smoked leg ham. Unusually dense, coarse and lightly honey-sweet, it wouldn’t be out of place on a cheeseboard next to an extra-sharp cheddar or a buttery Brie, either.

$12.80 for 250gm.

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