The Winners of the 2019 Gourmet Traveller Restaurant Awards

The names and places that should be on your radar.

Who are the talents pushing the envelope in Australian dining? Which veterans are continuing to set the standard? And where, simply put, are the best places to eat and drink right now? We have spent the year looking into these questions in detail, and we hope you enjoy our findings. Presenting the Gourmet Traveller Restaurant Awards, in partnership with Vittoria Coffee and Santa Vittoria. Order up!
Photography: Adam Gibson (Franklin), Will Horner (Ali Currey-Voumard; Josh Niland), Julian Kingma (Dinner by Heston Blumenthal; Laura), Colin Page (Brae), Mark Roper (Phil Wood), Rob Shaw (Quay; Rootstock), Jessica Wyld (Emma Farrelly; Liberté).
Videography: Will Suen