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Chandelier Bar’s Throgg’s Neck

The Horse’s Neck goes uptown in Adelaide.
Andrew Finlayson

The Horse’s Neck goes uptown in Adelaide.

“The Throgg’s Neck was a drink I came up with when I made a series of drinks to commemorate different parts of New York,” says Owen Colin, manager of Adelaide’s Chandelier Bar. “Mainly because they had really cool names like Dutch Kills and Devil’s Whirlpool but also so I could use American spirits like white dog, applejack and bourbon.” The drink you see before you takes inspiration from the classic highball garnished with the peel of an entire orange or lemon, the Horse’s Neck. “I thought it’d make the drink more interesting if I served it in a Crusta style,” Colin says; that is, in a wine glass with crushed ice and the zest arranged around the inside of the lip. “I love the fact that you can bash them out quickly; they’re really easy to make at home, which I do, often. Well, until I run out of Woodford, that is.” Adelaide Casino, North Tce, Adelaide, SA, (08) 8218 4273. 


Add 45ml Woodford Reserve bourbon to a white wine glass half-filled with crushed ice. Add three dashes of lemon bitters, top up with ginger ale, garnish with a long piece of orange zest or peel and serve.

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