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Meet your maker: Anekka

Simple matte and gloss-finished table settings celebrate understated elegance.

Clockwise from above: white and black Hoed bowls, white Maan bowl (overturned), nude Tulip cups, nude Melk vase and black Maan bowls.

Scott Hawkins

Styled by Aimee Jones

Simple matte and gloss-finished table settings celebrate understated elegance.

Over a long lunch in 2014, Sydney artist and Lantern book designer Evi O and her business partner Pamela Sarly put their heads together on Anekka, a collection of modern homewares with a global outlook. Anekka pieces are designed in Sydney, the material sourced from Japan, and the final products individually handcrafted in Surabaya, Indonesia. It sounds complicated, but the outcome is beautifully simple. Wide-lipped plates, oversized sake cups and vases that double as jugs come in peachy sherbet, navy, black and white, and always let your food or flowers shine.

What does Anekka mean, Evi?

It was adopted from the word “aneka” which means “variety” in Indonesia. We aspire to create a variety of beautiful homewares over time. Ceramics are just the beginning.

How do you describe the Anekka philosophy, Pamela?

One of simplicity. Every feature of a product, including texture, is based on a reason or a requirement. Life is complicated, so let’s make other things in life simple.

There’s a beautiful uniformity to the wares. Is that intentional?

Our products are all individually handmade. They might look like they’re made out of a machine, but it’s actually us being really strict on shapes and finishes to make it as perfect as possible. There’s a real sophistication in minimal lines and forms.

Anekka, from $22, ,anekka.com“>anekka.com

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