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The Seasonal Circle

Form meets function in these marble wells built to stand the test of time in the kitchen.

The Seasonal Circle marble egg tray

Hannah Archibald

After studying nutrition, Hannah Archibald went on to work as a private chef, and spent her days growing and preparing wild and native Australian food for clients such as activewear designer Lorna Jane Clarkson. Now she’s a designer, but still lives and breathes the rhythm of the seasons from her home in Cabarita Beach in northern New South Wales. What originally began as “knocking up some simple labels for the garden”, she says, has since turned into sandblasting and cutting marble French vanilla-hued egg trays and Calcutta-gold salt and pepper wells for her food concept and homewares line, The Seasonal Circle.

Why did you choose to work with marble specifically, Hannah?

My family has a stonemasonry business in Brisbane, now in its fifth generation. It was established in 1885, so you could say it’s in my blood. I’m able to use the small pieces of marble that can’t be used in their larger projects.

What do you love about the material?

The marble I use comes from all over the world. I like to look at the natural characteristics and features of the stone and add my small details by either sandblasting, chiselling or cutting. All the products I make are made to last and endure.

What kind of products can we expect to see next from The Seasonal Circle?

Seasonality influences so many aspects of our lives. I’m constantly inspired by seasonal food, what happens around the table and in the garden. I’m looking forward to introducing indoor planters at my next pop-up event in autumn.

From $39, The Seasonal Circle, theseasonal.com

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