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Celebrate in style: the ultimate guide to choosing, pairing and toasting in the New Year

Make your NYE celebration pop!

Once again, we've made it to the end of a big year. Time felt strange in 2021: sometimes everything felt like it was on fast forward, other times it was the complete opposite. But somehow, it's December – and with New Year celebrations just around the corner, it's time to start planning your evening.
This year, we're going big. And you should too. Plan a night to remember to ring in you and your loved ones' next go around the sun.
Here, GT's guide to what champagne to drink, the perfect accompaniments, and toasting tips to send off 2021 in style.
Sparkling idea: A premium champagne
It's only New Year's Eve once a year, so it's worth going for something premium. Lanson's Le Black Label Champagne is not too sweet, not too dry, but rather as a brut-style champagne, it hits a crowd-pleasing middle-ground that will appeal to most. And thanks to its long cellar ageing time, Le Black Label is as complex as it is crowd-pleasing. Presided over by Lanson's esteemed chef de cave Hervé Dantan, this classic style is blended with pinot noir and chardonnay grapes and rounded out pinot meunier grapes. Because of this, it has a smooth and versatile flavour that's well-suited to a variety of palates and pre-dinner snacks.
Cheesy potato and garlic pull-aparts.
Perfect pairings: Bite sized morsels
If it can be eaten with one-hand (with a glass of bubbly in the other) it'll do nicely. And premium bubbles pair particularly well with freshly-baked pastries, canapés and amuses-bouches, thanks to its citrus aroma and notes of pear and apple. So something like these anchovy puffs with goat's curd or these potato and garlic pull-aparts would be ideal. For vegetarians, a fresh crudité on a bed of crushed ice will draw a crowd.
Fine stems: Impressive glassware
Even though champagne flutes are falling out of fashion, they definitely have a place — especially if you're hosting a stand-up outdoor gathering, because their shape makes it harder to spill the good stuff. They're also a visual treat: their height means you get to appreciate the bead of bubbles for longer as they rise to the surface of the glass. If you're sitting down with your champagne, go for a classic coupe. Not only are they elegant and oh-so-Roaring-Twenties, but they provide a better aromatic experience and taste – which you'll want to appreciate Le Black Label's complexity. If you're looking for a truly versatile set of Champagne glasses, opt for a set of Champagne tulip glasses, which combine many of the best qualities of both coupes and flutes. In a pinch, a set of high-quality white wine glasses will do just fine, too.
Lanson's Le Black Label Champagne is well-suited to a variety of palates.
Perfect match: Food pairings
If this New Year's celebration is a sit-down affair, you should consider tailoring your menu to pair with your champagne. Fruity notes match up particularly well to salty flavours. If your menu is more formal, we recommend serving a mushroom ravioli with parmesan shavings – the umami double-up from both the mushroom and the parmesan will counterbalance your champagne nicely. Planning something more casual? Consider opting for a battered salmon dish with sweet potato fries. The saltiness of the fish and the fries are the ideal complement to the light and clear brut-style champagne.
If we learned anything this year, it's that you need to celebrate whenever you get the opportunity. Toast every one of life's moments, big and small. Because spending time with friends and family – just being in the same place together — is worth raising a glass to.
Brought to you by Lanson. Champagne Lanson, it's all about love: the love of terroir, taste and celebration. It's over 260 years old, which makes it one of the oldest Champagne Houses in the world. In 1900, it was granted a Royal Warrant by Queen Victoria to become an official champagne of the Royal Court of England. It's the perfect champagne for a New Year's celebration.