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A Final Chance for a Table at Noma Australia

There may be 27,000 on the waiting list, but here's another (charitable) way to skip the queue.

By Maggie Scardifield
James Spreadbury, Katherine Bont and René Redzepi

Can't get a table at Noma Australia? Some would scream "first-world problems"; others (like the 27,000-odd reported to be on the current waitlist) might think instead to beg, borrow or steal. But what if you could jump the queue and bypass the guilts?

As part of their month-long A Table to End Hunger campaign, Australian non-profit organisation The Hunger Project has VIP seats for two up for grabs to the sold-out pop-up, offering all those panicked Redzepi fans one final chance to nab tickets while doing some good along the way.

The Noma tickets are being auctioned on eBay this Monday 15 February, with the winning bid going straight to The Hunger Project's ongoing aid work with rural communities in Africa, India and Bangladesh. A number of other Australian restaurants are participating in the campaign, too, with coveted tables from Bennelong, Biota, Aria, Guillaume and Gerard's Bistro all being auctioned off before 5 March.

"The restaurants we've chosen are some of the most exclusive restaurants in Australia and can be difficult to get into on any given weekend," says The Hunger Project's CEO, Cathy Burke. "Plus, when you choose to book through our special auctions, the money goes towards our goal to end hunger by 2030. We think that's a pretty good deal."

Burke says the VIP Noma tickets are already causing a stir ahead of the opening of bidding, but as for how much they'll go for, it's anyone's guess. "As the best restaurant in the world I imagine that every experience at Noma is VIP, but this auction is the very last chance to get your hands on a table."

Time to dig deep.

The auctions will take place weekly Monday to Wednesday, noon to noon from February 15. For further details see;