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On the pass: Daniel Puskas and James Perry, Sixpenny

There seems to be plenty of action in Sydney’s inner-south and inner-west right now. What’s it all about?

By Maya Kerthyasa

There seems to be plenty of action in Sydney's inner-south and inner-west right now. What's it all about?
James Parry  It's affordable. You've got young guys who don't have a lot of money - this is where they start. It's a better market and there are a lot of people buying in the area who want something more local.

What's cooking at the Sixpenny kitchen today?
Daniel Puskas We're working on a first course of toasted ricotta, celery and pickled lemon, and a dessert of vanilla-brined pear, milk crumb and vanilla ice-cream.

Who's on board for your next Sixpenny and Co. lunches?
JP Luke Burgess from Garagistes, Pasi [Petanen, former head chef] from Marque, and Ben Devlin, the head chef at Esquire in Brisbane. That's it for the moment, but there are so many guys out there we'd like to do it with. It's a lot of fun; you think about food in a very different way because you're bringing someone else into this thing that Daniel and I do.

What about Christmas in July?
JP Isn't that what you go to the Blue Mountains for?

Sixpenny, 83 Percival Rd, Stanmore, NSW, (02) 9572 6666

  • Author: Maya Kerthyasa