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On the Pass: Tim Goegan, Supernormal Canteen

From lobster rolls to a pictographic drinks list, we chat all things Supernormal Canteen with head chef Tim Goegan.

By Samantha Teague

How is Supernormal Canteen different to Supernormal, Tim?

Supernormal Canteen is the rebellious little sister. The city venue can be a bit more formal in terms of service, but at Canteen we have a pictographic drinks list and mark-a-box menus. We want it to be relaxed and casual with not too many rules - you can come in, grab a couple of yakitori sticks and a beer while you wait for your takeaway.

What are the standout dishes at Supernomal Canteen?

The typhoon-shelter school prawns. We brine them, fry them and top them with lots of chilli, fried garlic, garlic-infused breadcrumbs and octo vinaigrette. They're served on top of iceberg; all the goodness drips off the prawns and is caught by the lettuce. The northern style lamb fits our vibe, too - it's messy. You get a big plate of meat and steamed pancakes, and you make your own wraps.

The lobster roll is a cult favourite at Supernormal. How is it going at Canteen?

We steam the lobster in its shell and serve it with a house-made Kewpie-style mayo, shallots and watercress on a brioche bun. In the city we go through about 2,200 a week. I think that number will be scaled back a bit at Canteen, but judging by the feedback on social media, people are excited that the rolls are at St Kilda.

What's the key to running a great restaurant?

Produce is number one, of course, but creating an environment that chefs and front-of-house staff want to come to is also really important. If you look after the staff and make sure their needs are being met, it's reflected to the customer, and they're in turn looked after, too.

Supernormal Canteen, 2/157 Fitzroy St, St Kilda, Vic, (03) 9525 4488,

  • Author: Samantha Teague