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9 best Anzac biscuit (and Anzac biscuit-ish) recipes

Three versions of the classic Anzac biscuit recipe, plus some inspired spin-offs.
Recipe ofr Anzac biscuits
Classic Anzac biscuit recipe
Ben Dearnley

No matter what Anzac biscuit recipe you bake from, there are some non-negotiable essential ingredients: rolled oats, showers of coconut and a generous drizzle of golden syrup. Some like their Anzac biscuits crunchy with a satisfying snap and crisp; others prefer them soft, chewy or crumbly.

Whether you want to bake to commemorate ANZAC Day or just want to eat Anzac bikkies on any occasion, we have plenty of recipes to try. We have a classic Anzac biscuits recipe that’s a must-have in your baking repertoire, as well as an equally satisfying rework with rosemary (which, yes, can be considered controversial, but trust us, it works).

Anzac biscuits are also the inspiration for our more creative recipes, from French-Australian Anzac macarons to Anzac biscuit apple pie to Anzac biscuit layer cakes with mascarpone. We’re sure our recipe for Anzac and golden syrup ice-cream sandwiches will keep you coming back for more, too.

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Our best Anzac biscuits recipes for ANZAC Day and beyond

Anzac biscuits
Classic Anzac biscuits (Credits: Ben Dearnley)

A classic Anzac biscuit recipe

There’s nothing quite like a home-made Anzac biscuit, still warm from the oven and with a bit of chew. This classic recipe does exactly what it says on the tin – and that’s how we like it.
Apple Anzac pie
Apple Anzac pie (Credits: Chris Chen)

Apple Anzac pie

American apple pie and Anzac biscuits are first-class allies in a dessert recipe that combines comfort and crunch.
Anzac macarons
Anzac macarons (Credits: Luke Burgess)

Anzac macarons

Here, the French macaron combines with the rolled oats and golden syrup of the traditional Australian Anzac biscuit – perfect with a cup of tea.
Anzac biscuits, revised
(Credits: Ben Dearnley)

Anzac biscuits, revised

A rework on the classic Anzac biscuit by Pat Nourse, a dyed-in-the-wool fan who tried and tested several methods to come up with his best version of the original.

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