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Ultimate toast toppers

Seventeen different ways to jazz up your sourdough.
Eggs on toast with asiago

How about a classic cheese toastie for the ultimate in comfort food? Or, for a jumped-up breakfast we have dark chocolate and banana French toast, drizzled in warm salted caramel. Take your pick from the best toast toppers in our archive.

Roast mushrooms on gruyère toast

Eggs on toast with Asiago

Gypsy toast with syrupy apricots and ice-cream

Scallops, chorizo and fried eggs on toast

Rhubarb and mascarpone french toast

Poached eggs with creamed corn and green chilli relish

Crushed peas, basil and poached eggs on sourdough

Chocolate French toast

Mushrooms on toast with poached eggs and hollandaise

Duck livers on toast

Chocolate and banana french toast with salted caramel

Mushrooms on toast with bone marrow and beurre blanc

Anchoïade toasts with roasted tomatoes and capsicum

Sardines on toast with sweet onion and pine nut tarator

Prawn toast with yuzu mayonnaise, coriander and mint

Taramasalata toast

Cherry toast with vanilla cream

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