GT’s picks: 10 stylish decanters for all your wine pouring needs

Sit back, relax, breathe. That goes for your wine, too.

Like your wine? Then it’s worth getting your paws on a good wine decanter, especially if you have a stock of older, aged reds. A decanter’s purpose is two-fold: to remove sediment from the wine, and encourage oxidation to amplify the wine’s bouquet. Look for a decanter with a well-rounded bottom and an open spout – this lets in air to circulate in the vessel, and helps the wine to “breathe”.

For whisky, however, it’s is a different story. Decanters serve a mostly aesthetic purpose, and the taste of the amber stuff won’t change remarkably whether it’s poured straight from the bottle or a crystal decanter. That being said, we won’t not buy a good-looking whisky decanter if the right one comes by.

Here’s our edit of some of the best wine decanters around.

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Admiral liquor decanter, $139.95 at Hardtofind

This crystal clear cross-hatched glass decanter encases 30 ounces of your favourite fine wine or radiant liquor for you to enjoy at your own pace.


Plumm Spring decanter, $92.99 at House

Named after Melbourne’s Spring Street, this two-litre decanter is made from hand-blown European crystal, with an angled mouth for drip-free pouring. It also includes a set of decanter beads for easy cleaning. SHOP NOW.


Eva Solo cool wine decanter, $195 at Hardtofind

For a two-in-one wine chiller and decanter, look no further. Keep the gel-filled base in the freezer; when it’s time to drink, place the decanter on top, and fill with your desired white wine or rosé. Plus, all parts of the decanter are dishwasher-safe. SHOP NOW.

Elegance Optic carafe, $229, Waterford, Myer

Waterford Elegance Optic carafe, $239 at Myer

We love the elegant lines of this carafe, from the ovular chamber to the gently tapered neck. It’s a timeless addition to your wine accessory kit. SHOP NOW.

Carafe Perchée Ronde, $344, L’Atelier du Vin

L’Atelier du Vin Carafe Perchée Ronde, $258 at Peter’s of Kensington

The raised glass podium base means your wine literally takes centre stage. Combine the sleek and tall design, lead-free glass, and the bonus of a yellow glass stopper, and this is a wine decanter that you’ll gladly pull out for future dinner parties. SHOP NOW.

Tank whisky decanter, $205, Tom Dixon, available from Top3 by Design

Tom Dixon Tank whisky decanter in Black, $245 at David Jones

Scientific glassware was the inspiration behind the Tank collection, and you can see it here in the sturdy, block-ish form of this whisky decanter. The colour is a unique fusion of clear and black glass, and each decanter is handmade, meaning there will be slight, characteristic variations between items. SHOP NOW.

Glass bottles with wood stoppers, wine, $59, West Elm

Glass bottles with wood stoppers, $48.30 (usually $69) at West Elm

With fluid lines, a sculptural body and a spherical stopper, this decanter combine style and affordability in the best way possible. SHOP NOW.

Riedel Mamba decanter, $800 at Dan Murphy’s

From the Austrian glassware house comes the mini-me version of their popular Mamba decanter. The serpentine crystal-glass form remains – the series of air pockets in the design “double decants” the wine – but the smaller size means it’s easier to store. SHOP NOW.

Krosno Connoisseur duck decanter, $55.96 (usually $69.95) at Zanui

For a statement piece that combines form and function, we love this oblique decanter. The elongated shape allows for maximum aeration, and the handle and angled spout means bouring is a breeze. SHOP NOW.

Wine & bar carafe, $220, Georg Jensen, David Jones

Georg Jensen wine carafe, $110 (usually $220) at David Jones

It’s the fluid shape that you’ll notice first, and the extra details you’ll appreciate later: a silicone and steel stopper, the deep divet at the base for easy pouring. It’s good-looking yet practical, and exactly what we’ve come to expect from the Danish design house. SHOP NOW.

Penguin decanter, from $225 at Glass Decanter

Spilling wine on your guests is a party faux pas of the past with the Penguin decanter that features an ergonomic design – preventing drip, as well as embarrassment. SHOP NOW.

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