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Enjoy a fresh brew without stepping foot out the door.
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There’s nothing quite like the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning. Its fragrant, nutty aroma enlivens your senses while just one sip puts a spring in your step, preparing you for the day ahead. But imagine if you could enjoy a fresh brew without stepping foot out the door. The good news is you can. Moccona has launched a new range of coffees which deliver that freshly brewed taste perfect for your coffee moment at home. New Barista Reserve is available in three instant coffee blends completed by a velvety crema comparable to that of an espresso – the secret is a slow gentle pour – and four capsule blends designed to fit your Nespresso* machine.

As we’re spending more time in our own homes, it’s no surprise home coffee making is on the rise. So whether you prefer lattes or long blacks, there’s no better time to recreate that café-style experience at home – all you need is the right equipment, some quality coffee and a few smart styling tricks.

Start with a beautiful coffee cup and saucer

It’s true that you eat (and drink) with your eyes, so for great-tasting coffee a stylish mug or cup and saucer is a must. Firstly, think about how you like to drink your coffee – do you prefer sipping from a short and shapely vessel, or something a little taller? Handle or no handle; organic or contemporary? Whichever design you go for, just make sure to reserve a little me-time to indulge in your freshly brewed coffee.

Create café vibes with a copy of Gourmet Traveller magazine

Like at all good cafés, a stack of magazines and newspapers will help to create relaxing coffee-drinking vibes at home. Collect a bunch of your favourite titles and store them in a stylish basket or magazine rack, which you can place within arm’s reach of a kitchen stool or comfortable armchair – just don’t forget a side table that you can rest a freshly made Moccona Barista Reserve coffee on.

Stock up on coffee, of course!

What’s a café without coffee? Depending on your mood, and in the case that unexpected guests pop by, it’s a good idea to have a selection of different flavours and styles on hand so everyone is catered for. Whether you are looking for that freshly brewed taste in an instant, complete with a velvety golden crema, or you want café-inspired blends designed for your Nespresso®* machine, Moccona Barista Reserve is a range of premium coffees that offers something for every taste.

Choose milk that’s perfect for frothing

To ensure your at-home café is ready for service at a moment’s notice, don’t forget to stock your fridge or pantry with your milk of choice. If you drink lattes or cappuccinos, choose a type of milk that froths well – there are various café-style milks on the market (both dairy and dairy-free) that are perfect for frothing.

Set the scene with fresh flowers and music

Bring a splash of colour and fresh, floral scent into your at-home café with a bunch of beautiful blooms from the local farmer’s market. Instead of displaying the pretty petals in one large vase, split the bunch up into smaller arrangements and scatter them around the kitchen in mismatched jars and vessels for ultimate café vibes. To complete the café experience at home, create a playlist of relaxing yet up-beat tunes that you can switch on at the click of a button – think of artists such as St Germain and Tom Misch.

All that’s left to do now is to reserve some time in your diary for yourself, curl up in your favourite spot and enjoy your café experience at home just the way you like it.

*Sponsored by Moccona.

If you’d like to try a Moccona Barista Reserve click here for your free sample. Limited numbers available so don’t miss out. Then reserve a little me-time with the freshly brewed taste of Moccona Barista Reserve and enjoy. Available in 3 delicious instant blends complete with a smooth golden crema, Moccona is perfect for your coffee moment at home.

*Trademark used is of a third party, not related to JACOBS DOUWE EGBERTS.

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