Leave it to your oven

Step back and let your oven do the work at your next dinner party.

Apple Anzac pie

Chris Chen

Entertaining should be fun for everyone, and that includes the cook. This is where your appliances can make all the difference. A good oven from Winning Appliances takes care of business while you spend more time with your guests. A side of salmon, for instance, is an ideal choice for entertaining – some simple seasoning is all that’s required, then it’s straight into the oven. It also makes an impressive centrepiece on the table. What’s more, a Gaggenau pyrolytic oven even monitors the cooking time, too: its core temperature probe automatically switches off the heat when your roast or fish is done, leaving you to mingle and mix the Martinis.

Likewise, you can bake a dish ahead – the Anzac apple pie is perfect here – and have it in the warming draw ready to go when it’s time to serve. The Gaggenau warming drawer is designed to heat a six-place setting, as well as defrost or slow-cook food.

At the other end of the meal, crusty bread can be warming in the oven while you reheat the soup you made in advance for the entrée. This leaves just the zucchini and dill fritters to cook before serving – light and appetising, they strike a moreish note at the start of a dinner.

When you put it like that, what could be easier? There’s nothing left to do but open the wine.

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