5 high-end brands you no longer need to travel for

Though, we imagine you'll find other excuses.

Holiday purchases — gleefully bought with reckless abandon; akin to spending Monolopy money — used to be one of the key pillars of travel. Browsing the luxe shopfronts of the Champs-Élysées or hunting for the perfect pair of brogues in Milan was all part of the itinerary. Now, international luxury fashion has a home in Australia, where beautifully crafted designer pieces can be browsed and bought first-hand. Don’t get us wrong — we’re not one to advise against a Euro holiday, we’re simply showing you where to find your beloved holiday (style) romances in between breaks.


Known for its exquisite fabrics, vivid floral prints and soft silhouettes, Erdem has become synonymous with a beautiful, yet powerful image of modern femininity. Founder Erdem Moralioglu grew up in Montréal, before moving to London to attend the Royal College of Art in 2001. Interning at Vivienne Westwood and later Diane von Furstenberg in New York, the half-British, half-Turkish designer launched his eponymous fashion label in 2005. The London-based line is perfect for both weddings and workwear — even better, you can shop the new-season collection in Australia; though, if you happen to find yourself in London, the flagship store in Mayfair is worth a look.

Erdem dress, $1995; Erdem dress, $2535 both at Harrolds


Valextra‘s designs epitomise the very essence of Milanese style. Founded in 1937 by Giovanni Fontana, the leather handbags and wallets exemplify the brand’s flair for traditional refinement and unexpected detailing. Timeless and yet rich in innovation and originality, each piece is hand-crafted by one of Valextra’s master artisans and monogrammed with a serial number identifying the creative involved in its manufacturing. Traditionally minimalist in its design aesthetic — logo and embellishment-free — Valextra’s unique add-on accessories lend the bags greater versatility. Handbags are protected come rain, hail or shine thanks to the chic, semi-kitsch handbag raincoat, while the genius Iside bag transformer offers a whole new way of wearing a soon-to-be-retired bag.

Valextra inside bag, $3500; Valextra bag coat, $700 both at Harrolds

Craig Green

British luxury menswear designer Craig Green established his namesake label in 2012. A distinct design voice, Green’s creations champion concepts of military and uniform, fusing his structured aesthetic with his own brand of showmanship. His latest collection, while heavily pocketed and featuring strong geometrical prints, includes vivid colour play, cut-outs and trailing string — the combination of substance and spectacle a display of Green’s penchant for storytelling. Amassing an army of loyal followers (both men and women) Green’s detailed pieces make for artful streetwear statements.

Craig Green sweatshirt, $655; Craig Green jacket, $2200 both at Harrolds


Inspired by Dante Alighieri’s poem ‘Divine Comedy’, London-based jewellery brand Alighieri delivers statement necklaces, rings, earrings and cufflinks, each designed to reflect mythical creatures and far-away landscapes. Jagged, imperfect and off-balance, each of Alighieri’s gold-plated pieces — designed by Rosh Mahtani — holds special meaning and adds polish to an ensemble quicker than you can say ‘All hope abandon, ye who enter here’. Establishing a loyal following with the fashion capital’s elite, Alighieri’s appeal extends to Australian shores delivering one-of-a-kind accessories with artful appeal. If in doubt, add the brand’s signature layered medallion over everything from a basic t-shirt to an embroidered summer dress.

Alighieri earrings, $640; Alighieri earrings, $640 both at Harrolds

Pal Zileri

Bringing life to menswear, Italian brand Pal Zileri revives timeless wardrobe staples with fresh hues, diligent craftsmanship and contemporary vision. Updating a traditional aesthetic with forward-thinking elegance, Pal Zileri’s understated detailing carries its own declaration of style. Constructed by a group of specialist artisan textile makers in Vicenza, the brand’s sophisticated collections have garnered Pal Zileri’s Creative Director, Rocco Iannone, global recognition. From 29-31 August, Pal Zileri’s Master Tailor will be coming to Harrolds in Melbourne and Sydney to host made-to-measure appointments. Make your appointment with the Master Tailor through the Harrolds’ concierge.

Pal Zileri jacket, $1950; Pal Zileri shirt, $325 both at Harrolds

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