The tech and tricks to master restaurant-quality meals at home

Amp up the flavour in every dish.

Dining in at a new restaurant is a feast for the senses. Amidst the crowded tables there’s the hum of conversation, the tinkling of cutlery, a new menu to peruse and the heady aroma that hints at what’s to come. And at the heart of it all there’s the food itself, where each bite seems to burst with an extra ‘zhoosh’ you can never quite replicate at home… or can you?

For cooking enthusiasts, there’s something satisfying about perfecting your order du jour from the comfort of your kitchen. And braced with the right kitchen tech and our insider tips, you can take your home-cooked meals from sub-par servings to Michelin star standards. The best part? No reservations required.

Quality Ingredients

For a memorable meal that’ll impress your guests, add fresh produce to the top of your grocery list. Frozen food is packed with preservatives, which weakens the full-flavoured, juicy taste of natural meat and vegetables. If your budget allows, choose organic produce, hormone-free meats and poultry, and low-fat foods. The bottom line? Stocking up on high-standard ingredients before you begin is a winning start for a menu-worthy meal.

Convection Ovens

For the home chef, investing in a convection oven is a god-send to turn out restaurant-quality fare. A convection fan controls heat and airflow, so you can bake, roast or broil with the confidence that each dish will cook exactly how you envisioned it. Your relationship with your oven should be built on trust, after all.

For example, Sub-Zero Wolf’s M Series built-in ovens offer an advanced Dual VertiCross convection system that saturates the cavity with consistent heat, as the two corner column fans with parallel heating elements work in perfect harmony. The drawcard? With 10 precise cooking modes, there’s no need to adjust racks or rotate pans; every meal is as predictably divine as your go-to order at your regular haunt.


Making the most of your spice rack is the culinary key to unlocking to-die-for taste. Our top tip? Introduce seasoning early in the cooking process, so your dried herbs and powdered spices can steadily release their unique flavour and cook alongside the rest of your ingredients. Sprinkling a little seasoning, from kosher salt to bold oregano, goes a long way to infuse every bite with flavour.

Premium Cookware

As the saying goes, you’re only as good as your tools. And to whip up superior food, you need superior cookware. High-quality cookware is crafted from stronger materials – like cast iron and stainless steel – which applies heat evenly throughout the cooking process. Your pots and pans can make the difference between an average dish and ingredients bursting with zesty flavour, so invest in top-notch brands such as Le Creuset, Baccarat and Tefal.

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