The 5 must-have utensils for the home chef’s toolbox

The building blocks behind every great meal.

Building a reliable toolbox of kitchen gadgets is the starting point for every private chef. You can’t whip up a winning meal if you don’t have key cooking tools on standby, whether they’re basic must-haves like measuring cups or useful utensils, such as a garlic press. Just like a well-stocked spice drawer, a cupboard packed with premium essentials sets you up for success with any dish you try your hand at. What should you be looking for? The best tools balance durable materials with functional design to enhance your prep and cooking experience. Here we share five utensils every home cook needs.


OXO Swivel Peeler, $16.95

The simple, unfussy design of the OXO Good Grips Swivel Peeler masks its practical prowess. A pivoting stainless steel blade is crafted to cut through the toughest vegetable skins, while a slip-proof handle safeguards your hands from the razor-sharp blade. Plus, a built-in potato eye remover expertly carves out blemishes, making this your go-to gadget for quick and thorough peeling.

When your kitchen toolkit is comprised of OXO products, you know every utensil is reliable. The OXO Better Guarantee warranty means your tools and gadgets can be replaced if something goes wrong, to keep you and your kitchen set up for success.


Chasseur 3-piece Tool Set, $37.95

This hard-working trio includes a spatula, slotted spoon and a basting brush. Pairing high-quality silicone heads with elegant beech wood handles, this set is fashioned to withstand all your cooking and baking endeavours. Best of all they’re available in modern colourways such as soothing duck egg blue, which brings a splash of colour to your benchtop.


Gefu Primeline Whisk 31cm, $57.95

If you’re an avid baker, you’ll appreciate the practicality of a top-quality balloon whisk. Perfect for whipping eggs, creams and sauces, this sleek whisk is designed with flexible stainless steel wires for long-lasting performance. What’s more, the durable, ergonomic handle means you won’t be replacing this staple tool anytime soon – no matter how many meringues you make.


OXO Good Grips Garlic Press, $49.95

Aromatic garlic is a core ingredient in most savoury dishes, but it can be time-consuming to peel, crush and chop; so it pays to invest in a garlic press. OXO’s Good Grips Garlic Press crushes multiple cloves at once to save you time when preparing a feast for the whole family. Even better, the built-in cleaner pushes out the pesky garlic peels. Say adieu to sticky, garlic-stained fingers.


Cuisipro Tempo Locking Tongs 23cm, $31

These locking tongs from Cuisipro are a premium upgrade on a basic kitchen tool. The stand-out element? Designed in a mirror stainless steel finish, these sleek tongs won’t bend out of shape and come with a unique twist action lock feature that makes a case for functionality. It’s the underdog of utensils.

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